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Last updated: 09-17-2017

Soul Tear free ebook on Join Wattpad, then leave an honest 4 line paragraph in teh chapter's comments. After, message me and I'll link your website, blog, referal banner, or social media site here. (This link opens into a new window.)

Click the book cover to read for free! You must join to read the book. So, after joining read a chapter in Soul Tear and leave an honest four lined paragraph in the books comments. 

No critique copying will be tolerated, don't take what someone else has said and rephrase it in your own wording. It must be original.

If you leave a comment then message me (darkocean) and I'll link you on this website. Once my Wordpress blog is up and running I'll link you there too. :) 

All for free :D I need feedback to grow as a writer so any help is appreciated greatly, thank you.